Playing at the YMCA

Today was a very eventful day that I spent hanging out with my friend Jack.  I went to his house after church with my airsoft guns ready for an eventful day.  At first we just went over to the park and played some sports waiting for our other friend to come over.  After a little while me and Jack headed over to the woods ready for an airsoft match.  It lasted for about twenty minutes and the outcome of it was two happy boys.  After that we played bad mitten against his parents. (it was my first time ever playing and I did pretty good.) His friend came over and we all just messed around for about an hour.  After his friend left we headed over to YMCA to play a game of pickup soccer.  I havent played in a long time and it was pretty fun.  I guess that today was a good day and I am happy and had a good time.


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