EOG’s your not to tough for me

Sorry for the late post this week was extremely busy with the dreaded end of grade tests.  This test is what we learn in school and our teachers goal is to make us pass with either a 3 or a 4.  I get nervous every year  I have to take one.  It takes three days because it is three tests.  They take over an hour for some kids and even two hours for other kids.  For me i finish them extremely fast with the longest one taking me 35 minutes.  After we finish them we don’t do anything except joke around and go outside.  And then Thursday came.  That was the day we got our scores for the EOG’s.  I calmed myself down and imagined me opening up the letter and it having my grades all threes or fours.  I got the letter and wasn’t allowed to open it up until i was with my mom.  When I opened it up i was full of joy, I got fours on all three of the EOG’s!  That was some of the best news I got all year.  It goes to show that with practice anything is possible.


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