My life check list; this is what I will complete before I am 40

Okay so this is my life check list.  These are the things I hope to do before I am 40 and I hope that you enjoy reading it!

1.Go from college to college across the continental United States eating at the food courts rating them from 1 to 5 and then blogging and writing a book about the total experience.  Plus setting it up like a NCAA tournament bracket where the two colleges up against each other “duel” where the winner is the one with the more fulfilling and nutritional lunch.

2.Master the electric and acoustic guitar using online/real life lessons and teaching myself.

3.Tour the United States starting from North Carolina to California stopping at skate parks along the way all with my Dad.

4.Own a Mustang Boss or Bullet for a car.

5.Become an archeologist.

6.See Metallica in concert and/or the Sick Puppies

7.Work at Dicks for a first job

8.Hike the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountain Trail.

9.Go out of country to a European country.

10.Compete in a Marathon.

So that is my life list and I will complete all of these things and have fun along the way!


One thought on “My life check list; this is what I will complete before I am 40

  1. Your ambition lifts me up! I will be cheering you on every step of the way as you make this list your reality. You will make it happen–I have no doubt!!

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